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Numeri utili - Spiaggetta di San Nicola
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  Useful numbers
  Municipality of Tremiti Islands, the town of San Nicola  
tel: 0882-463023
fax: 0882-463545

Fuel distributor of Arturo Santoro - Punta secca of San Domino

Benzina - gasolio nazionale - gasolio agevolato

tel: 0882-463282
tel: 329-0103363
  First aid San Domino  
tel: 0882-463234
  First aid San Nicola  
tel: 0882-463061
  Carabinieri, barracks of San Nicola  
tel: 0882-463120
tel: 0882-463010
  Guardia di finanza, barracks di San Nicola  
tel: 0882-463015
  Pharmacy - Dott.Scardigno  
tel: 0882-463327
  Bank CARIME, Piazza Pertini, San Domino - bancomat  
tel: 0882-463406
  Luggage - Wharf St. Nicholas  
tel: 348-7663368

Postal office , San Domino

Postal office , San Nicola

tel: 0882-463259
tel: 0882-463021
tel: 0882-463084
Typical tremitese, locally caught fish from their vessel, offered for groups of persons....
The movement of marine specialists to Tremiti islands. Rental ribs, water taxi service, assistance to recreational boats.

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