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  Map of the Tremiti Islands

The Tremiti Islands' archipelago consists of 5 islands: San Domino, St. Nicholas, Capraia, Cretaccio and Pianosa. Only 2 are inhabited that are San Domino and St. Nicholas, where lives about 400 resident of people.

San Domino is the largest and is also hosting the most receptive activities: hotels, resorts and clubs is the only San Domino. It's large approximately 3.5 km wide by 5 miles of lenght.The island is surrounded by a thick pine forest that degrades slowly towards the sea, along a myriad of beautiful bays within walking distance. While sailing along the coast of San Domino 3 is the famous caves of Tremiti: Viole, Le Rondinelle and the cave of Bue Marino, while walking on foot in the pine forest to reach Colle dell'Eremita where you can enjoy a wonderful view on . Another important attraction is the Berte More here calls Diomedee, birds typical of the archipelago, which in the nights without moon accoppiandosi, crying, sounds similar to that of a baby. I heard from Punta Secca or location of Faro. About San Domino there are some sandy beaches, Cala of Arenas, located near the porticciuolo addition to Pagliai which is a small beach pebbles and sand mixed and Cala Matano, another small sandy beach reached by the country.

St. Nicholas is the Tremiti historic island, inhabited by various orders of monks for nearly 1000 years is also the administrative center of the archipelago. The grandiose fortifications that surround are to imagine a past rich and important, as indeed it was. The monks of the abbey Tremitesi became rich because of its strategic position in the middle of, but many were to attack its wealth. Today, St. Nicholas is a small tourist center that is home to 4 or 5 restaurants, many bars, and some bed provided by islanders privately, all of this in a beautiful medieval setting surrounded by 30 km of the sea. The places to visit in San Nicola are so many that one day you can not see them all. The Castle of Badiali, the Abbey of St. Mary at Sea, the Libyan cemetery. There are no hotels on the island but can be reached easily from San Domino via ferry. In San Nicola is a single beach, but it is occupied by boats and ribs during the summer, and then hardly feasible.

Capraia and Cretaccio are close to the 2 main islands, but are uninhabited. They are accessible via ribs or boats. They are only rabbits and capers and are especially beautiful things to see along the coast, for the many inlets and some beach. Not to forget the Cala del Diavolo on Cretaccio, Stones Capraia a gun that is surely the most beautiful haul all the archipelago, of Capraia Scoglietti, a small inlet from the sea that can go on until old abandoned lighthouse.

Pianosa is uninhabited and is 12 miles south-east from. On some occasions hosts scientific experiments and marine research. Since 1989 is integral natural reserves, and then not allowed transit, mooring and bathing, as well as obviously fishing. Is the border east of Italian. The name Pianosa is due to the form of low and flat, so that at some time particularly strong, the waves pass from one hand to another.

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