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History of Tremiti,said in the texts of prof. Pio Fumo
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  History of the Tremiti Islands

The first prehistoric finds on the islands date back to the Bronze Age and affirm the presence of the Greek people on the island. Diomede, king of Argos arrival in Tremiti hijacked by a strong storm and the name is "insulae diomedee." More than 2000 years later, a friar Lateran meeting his tomb on the island of St. Nicholas, with the gold and stick Evident greco.Con command of the arrival of Romany islands and took the name changed to "Shivers" (Trametius), for "through" between italy el'illiria. Afterwards many people followed the islands, pirates Slav, pirates Dalmatian, until the arrival of various orders of monks and the construction of Beloeil San Nicola.Le Tremiti were also a land of deportation in different eras, by Roman fascismo.Alla until the end of the regime, with the return to democracy, there has been an alternating series of mayors who carry out democratic discourse.

Thousands of years of history enclose in this small archipelago, and it is all right there, for everyone: a large open-air museum.
In this space entirely dedicated to the History of our archipelago, will be published searches made by the famous and esteemed Prof.. Pio Smoke in Tremiti Islands. The times, places, events that have shaped the Five Islands, a chronological narrative careful able to seize a link of cause and effect between these events. A memory to keep alive not forget that "knowledge of the past is a condition well interpret this."
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Cenni sulla litologia e la geologia delle isole Tremiti
N°1 08/07/06

La preistoria delle isole Tremiti

N°2 15/07/06
I ritrovamenti di ossidiane alle isole Tremiti
N°3 22/07/06
Il villaggio di capanne preistoriche delle Tremiti
N°4 25/07/06
I ritrovamenti protostorici e storici alle isole Tremiti
N°5 05/08/06
Il mito di Diomede
N°6 09/09/06
Le varie deportazioni
N°7 28/02/07

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