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  Tour of islands with visits to the caves
Cretaccio e cala degli Schiavoni Grotta delle Viole Grotta delle Viole Grotta del Bue Marino
Upon arrival at the ports of San Nicolas and San Domino meet waiting on the docks, powerful speedboats used for the carriage of passengers departing at various times. The tour of the island of San Domino (the recommended method) takes about 50 minutes and allows you to admire the jagged and rocky coast, with beautiful caves, creeks and pinewood degrading to the sea where is mirrored. The tour includes the archipelago instead of around 3 outer islands (San Domino, Capraia and St. Nicholas) and takes about 2 hours. The 3 main visited caves are all around the island of San Domino.
  Haul Matano (o Duchessa)
This set, in internandosi coast, form a small and welcoming bay with a beach arenosa, preferred by tourists for bathrooms. There is accessed from a steep path through mostly on the rock. The haul Matano is bounded on the left arm by a high-longest coastline, surrounded by pine pine which gave name to nearby Punta del Pigno. For today is equipped with chairs and umbrellas (Heads North Pole) to offer tourists the most relaxing in a heavenly atmosphere.
  The cave of the Viole
Through a crack in the rock of about 5 meters, you enter the vestibule shaped cylindrical tank discovery, whose high walls are covered with peak shrubs that are covered in spring with flowers, including leaders "Centaurium" with flowers and frangianti pink, "cineraria" covered by short silver hair, "Ambretta" fragrant flowers with yellow, from frammezzati Fiordalisi. As in a vision unreal, it is noted with surprise the frangersi rhythmic waves, with deaf noise fighting against the walls, nonchà reflexes green-blue water, the bottom of which about 8 meters stones riccie, detached from the walls of the cave, giving the impression of a field of roses blossomed. The side walls at the level of water are covered by a strip of red algae-carmine and herbs. It comes from quest'incanto through the second door wide and 6 meters high 3.
  The cave of Bue Marino
It is called so because in bygone days was inhabited by some of Monk Seal, of which the last sighting was all'Aprile of 1958. The cave is about 70 domestic meters, keeping a nearly constant width of about six meters, and a height of about 4 meters, while the water depth is 3 meters, to decrease up to half a meter at the bottom where it forms a little beach, a place beloved rest of the mysterious Bue Marino. The vault and the walls are made of hard stone faceted, whose fragments, staccatisi over the centuries, stand out in their whiteness azzurissime under water. On the walls of the cave you notice of the dates very old, carved by visitors. By progressing very slowly, as if holding its breath, here's the scenario occur, as that progresses, a grandiose phenomenon fosforescenza caused by reflections emerald rock and online for the movement of the boat, breaking on the margins walls. Continuing the journey inside the cave, every color should be gradually disappearing to enter into complete darkness. Turning our gaze back, the port of entry appears to us as a small hole, similar to a camera, surrounded by embroidery architectural corners are hanging faceted stones of the vault and walls, a surprising effect from a rip cry of admiration.
  The cave of Rondinelle
So called because the nesting swallows, it is supported by 2 major natural pillars, leaving the opposite side to the left.
  Haul and points

The Architiello of San Domino is a kind of cave hole, covered by an artistic arc while low degrades the coast and ending with the Punta Secca, so called because the rock is dry and without vegetation; The haul Benedictine with the old and large tub or store water called "Cisterna Benedictine" built by the monks; Punta del Vapore where shipwrecked on the night of 13 March 1864 the ship garibaldina "Lombardo" carrying troops; The haul from the British where steam English landed crews and merchandise. Both the haul of Benedictine that the British, being closer to housing in the village of San Domino, are much frequented by tourists. The haul Tramontana crowned pine falls across a peak breasts and the projections forming other small creeks, as the haul round, which forms a pond with sandy bottom, closed by high rock walls, around which to open other small caves. We follow the Punta del Crocodile, Crocodile Cave, Cala Tamariello, so called because it abound shrimp, which dialect called "Amarielli" closed left from Punta del Diamante extreme limit north of the island of San Domino , where the coast, always rocky, is high, and pointed devoid of vegetation.

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