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  Tour of San Domino's Island
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  Rural Village

Here in 1935 was built to 61 metres above sea level, the Rural Village of San Domino, consisting of 12 houses red type colonial willing to 2 sides of a flat road 350 metres long, which is bounded on the south by the former cellar Complex experimental colony and to the north by a square with a new large building houses built at the same time, to serve as a town hall. But as the population of St. Nicholas not welcomed the government proposal, leaving that island to move to San Domino and dedicate themselves to agriculture, the village was abandoned for many years. The building which is accessed by external stairways 2 is composed of 6 rooms and a terrace. The houses consist of a ground floor covered by roof, each of them is 2 for large families. Call 28 1946, with the abolition of the colony of confinement, a portion of the population of St. Nicholas, occupied with the permission of the municipality, while in the palace were housed families homeless, in addition to school and the chapel. Since 1950 all families in the village residents have organized to modernize their apartments and assign their pension with tourists for the summer holiday, so fully solving the problem of receptivity, as had already happened on the island of St. Nicholas. At the end of the street of the village on the other side of the building stood experimental winery that was the direction of the colony, after using the farmer Vincent Carducci. On his shoulders lies the superb garden.

  Tour of San Domino's Island
From rural village depart 3 roads through the forest of pines to rejoin the lighthouse. That central, called "Road of pinewood" unfolds uphill until you reach the highest proportion (m 116) where stands the ancient "Chapel of Romito, before falling back on the side opposite to the lighthouse. The 2 other hand, are held side of the road pinewood, almost flat land along the coasts: one, that of western called "Road of municipal beacon of San Domino" develops on the low slopes of the hill through thick pine forest, rising above the Cala English, Cala Benedictine, the Grotto of the Rondinelle, Punta Secca, all'Appicco, Grotta del Bue Marino, and Ripa of Falconi and up to Faro l 'Moreover, to Levante, called "Road municipal Cantina Experimental" is through the Cave of Salt and Grotto of Viole, having dubbed the Punta di Ponente and the Cave of Murene, rejoins the road of Faro Faro and the same to form as a real circuit shape of an ellipse, which develops a length of about 3 km. Do not neglect to take this circuit elliptical rural rare beauty, which we like to call the "Overview of San Domino."
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