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  Rental ribs - Water taxi
Canale tra San Nicola e San Domino Cala delle Arene Seconda cala dei Pagliai Cala Marinelle

In the early'80s the "Tullio 'ribs with some other island took its first steps in rental boats to the Tremiti islands. From then to now has reached a total availability on the islands more than 100 ribs can rent plus a fifteen charter for the taxi service. Prices vary depending on the season and type of raft required, the basic rate for the daily rental starts from € 70 low season to € 150 in the month of August. Around the islands there are dried particularly dangerous and navigation can be made visible, even with a good map in hand.

For the less adventurous recommend the taxi service for the most beautiful bays, less expensive and less safe with responsibility. The charter depart from 9 am until 17, and make a return at which you prefer. Pirates modern Wolves sea with tattoos threatening, but from the heart of gold will bring you the most beautiful bays in the archipelago, and those familiar with the calm sea can surf at any weather condition. The taxi service fees range from 5 € a / r for short routes (Pagliai, Cala Spido hauls of Cretaccio), € 10 a / r for longer routes (Scoglietti of Capraia, Stones Fucile, Cala Salt, Cala uncle Caesar).

  I Pagliai
In the channel between San Domino and Cretaccio rise Pagliai, monoliths shaped pyramid that resemble real pagliai and recalling the stacks of Capri, if not even the pyramids of Egypt. The largest is formed at the base from one place to another for a length of about 20 metres waterway. A second, almost big as the first, is closer to the coast, surrounded by small groups of smaller rocks of the same shape, a series that presents the appearance of a village Arabic.
  Haul Sorrentino (Pietre di Fucile)
At the southern tip of Capraia, opposite the cliff of Grouper, there is a large and magnificent set, which right chiamasi Stone of Fucile, for the presence instead of flint (at the centre with a cave), and left Sorrentino, with a beautiful expanse of small gravel language maritime chiamasi "Sorrentino. These two inlets are absolutely the most beautiful of the whole archipelago and are raggiungigibile only by boat or raft.
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The movement of marine specialists to Tremiti islands. Rental ribs, water taxi service, assistance to recreational boats.
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