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Newspaper archives - Notizie dall'Arcipelago
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  "Notizie dall'Arcipelago"
From an idea was born a large project last year along with some friends islanders have thought to publish an information sheet that could accommodate tourists to the Tremiti Islands, the destination of many people who love nature and the tranquillity that marks these oases . Entusiasti this brilliant idea we immediately put to work and thus was born "dall'Arcipelago News." In this paper we have always proposed to submit Diomedee for what they really are; wonderful islands full of history and tradition that trasfondono involuntarily peace, serenity, freedom, a return to his roots and a history that goes back into the mists of time, no aspect that could make some think of calculation driven by interest groups or individuals. We thank those who cooperated and collaborated with the implementation of the news with the hope that around this product aimed at promoting cultural and voice of a local reality continues to grow free from any conditioning and political party, with the intent between 'other stem always a constructive debate can turn an even more large group of collaborators Mossi from attachment and love for all Tremiti.
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The movement of marine specialists to Tremiti islands. Rental ribs, water taxi service, assistance to recreational boats.
Typical tremitese, locally caught fish from their vessel, offered for groups of persons....

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