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  Marine reserve of Tremiti Islands
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  The marine park Tremiti islands, one of the most beautiful natural habitat of 'entire Mediterranean, is a natural reserve that includes the coastal area surrounding the islands of San Domino, St. Nicholas, Capraia, Cretaccio and Pianosa. Even more remarkable is the heritage fish: snapper, bream, lobster, crayfish, mullets, seahorses and low depth, octopus, cuttlefish, groupers are just some of the species found in a reservoir where the water purity makes l ' man one with nature. The richness of species of fish and plants, marine park, the suggestive shape of the seabed make the underwater panorama of rare beauty, ideal for diving. There are several Diving Center where you can go. The Tremiti Islands have been declared marine reserve with DM , 14 July 1989. Since 1996 the area is part of Gargano National Park (See: At Fed. Provincial Piazza del Lago Foggia, Foggia 2 71100 Tel. 0882.463009) In order to protect vegetation and wildlife species, the park is divided into three zones, with some limitations. In zone A, reserve integral, not shown in figure limited to 'island of Pianosa, is prohibited fishing, navigation and bathing. Just prior permission of 'authority (Gargano National Park) and' granted navigation for tours or purposes' scentifiche. The Zone B, the general reserve, refers to Caprara and a part of San Domino. Precisely on 'island of San Domino l' area and 'between Punta of Providence and Punta Secca. A Capraia includes the area that goes from Cala Sorrentino allo scoglio Caciocavallo. Here is prohibited fishing, and professional sports, and navigation, except as authorized by the manager. The area C, partial reserve covers San Nicola and the other part of San Domino. Here, in addition to diving, sport fishing permitted. There are numerous areas where there are bathing is possible that diving

The depths of the marine reserve Tremiti Islands are rich in wrecks, even hidden treasures of a certain historical significance that have fuelled the curiosity 'of so many divers. Here are some of the main wreckage found on the seabed of these wonderful islands.

Name wreck

Historic Location


Description Diving

Cala dei Benedettini

I° sec. a.C.

- 25 m.


Galea flotta Turca

1500 d. C.

- 30 m.

In 1566 the Turkish fleet tried to conquer the Tremiti Islands. But the historic defeat of Lepanto (August 1566) put an end to a possible Turkish conquest of the Tremiti islands. What recovered, along with 4 precious bronze cannons, and 'one of the boats Muslim

Piroscafo a ruote "Il Lombardo"

XVIII sec. d. C.

- 30 m.

It 'was one of the events of 2005. Identified in February, Cala at the British, this is a dive with great ideas photo on the remains of one of the ships used by Garibaldi for the shipment of the "Thousand" of 1860. The wreck occurred on the night between 12 and 13 March l864, 4 years after the glorious expedition, while transporting prisoners at a time of Manfredonia. Lombardo The ship set sail together to Piedmont on May 6 of 1860 by Fourthly on board there were more 'a thousand men and one woman, Rosalia Montmasson, wife of Francesco Crispi. Marsala came to the 'May 11, where they were attacked, however, by' army Bourbon: 'Piedmont' was destroyed while Lombardo, semiaffondato was repaired in the following months. A year after shooting his transporting from one port to another troops and held until his last trip.

Punta del Vuccolo

XVI sec. d.C.

- 25 m.


Tegole Romane

I sec. a.C.

- 55 m.


Tre Senghe

I sec. a.C.

- 30 m.

This is a historic discovery of extraordinary importance, avventuto between 1981 and 1982, 25 metres, 100 metres from the coast south of San Domino, at Punta di Ponente, between Cala di Uncle Caesar and Punta del Diablo. L 'sinking in' in collocabile 'scope of businesses that took place in the Mediterranean,' ancient Rome: the ship carrying about 900 amphorae. The place of 'sinking, Three Senghe, takes its name from a rock split by three slots. the dive is not always' possible because of sea conditions.

Typical tremitese, locally caught fish from their vessel, offered for groups of persons....
The movement of marine specialists to Tremiti islands. Rental ribs, water taxi service, assistance to recreational boats.

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