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Music, painting, photography in Tremiti Islands
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Lucio Dalla in concerto su San Nicola Lucio Dalla di fronte l'abbazia si S.Maria a Mare Lucio Dalla e Fiorella Mannoia Tullio Ferro

Welcome to the Art section designed for those who love this verbal expression in its broadest sense. Here there accosterete to artists who have created extraordinary works in a variety of forms: a painting, a photograph, a poem, a song inspired… all but one subject by the wonderful Tremiti islands. Among the most illustrious names are Lucio Dalla teacher and poet of pop. Shivers for Lucio was an inspirational muse for some songs including Piazza Grande, The house on the seashore, on "March 4, 1943", "As the deep sea", but not only on the islands Master has a great record company where he recorded in 'October 2001 one of his LP "Luna Matana". Since 2000 every summer on the island of St. Nicholas organized "The sea and the stars" event now famous and much awaited by tourists who attend these wonderful islands. The Festival of the Sea Lucio Dalla lasts 3 days when the park one another great artists of Italian music and international, invited by the bolognese.Tra the big names include: Gino Paoli, Edoardo Bennato, Fiorella Mannoia, Tiromancino, and the famous Claudio Baglioni, also became an honorary citizen the archipelago in 2007.

  Artworks of Nicola Di Pardo
Opere di Nicola Di Pardo Opere di Nicola Di Pardo Opere di Nicola Di Pardo Opere di Nicola Di Pardo
  Artworks of Flavia Franceschini
Tremiti di presenze inattese - fotografia Profumo di salmastro ed elicriso Tremiti di presenze inattese - bassorilievo
  Artworks of Antonio Matrella
Donne Madre Isole Energia positiva
  Gabriele Carta's corner
Vignette di Gabrio Vignette di Gabrio Vignette di Gabrio

Another artist who experienced Tremiti by-case basis and if they have been in love is Tullio Ferro, a well-known Italian singer (remember his latest disc "On a day"), as well as brilliant writer of songs such as reckless Life, a wonderful day, Free free, the angels for Vasco Rossi, and Washington and Hello, Lucio Dalla, which are now part, for some time, our wealth of musical knowledge. Tullio Ferro, who was also invited by Dalla during the concert in June 2005, he continued his stay on the islands for a long time, finding inspiration in them, and eleggendole a permanent summer residence. Also in this section you can view photos of known Charly Smoke internationally renowned photographer who immortalized wonderful glimpses of Shivers, and paintings of artist inspired part of termolese Nicola Di Pardo that has made for our site paintings of a 'chromatic extraordinary energy. I will stop here for not revealing more surprises that we will find on the site. We work, therefore, this space to anyone who wishes to know its artistic emotion (believed to be harmful to margins or instill a sense of narrowness all'Arte), or possess a proper and intense explosion of creativity linked to the Diomedee.

If you desire as an artist to know your art and open your personal page on our site contact us .

Typical tremitese, locally caught fish from their vessel, offered for groups of persons....
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